Dentist - Private 6 location group - Houston TX  NEW
Dentist - Indian health center - northern Wisconsin
Nurse Practioner -  Indian health center - northern Wisconsin
Physician - Medical Director - Indian health center - northern Wisconsin
Dentist OMS - Milwaukee WI
Dentist OMS - Green Bay WI
Dentist Endodontist - Appleton WI
Dentist Endodontist - Green Bay WI
Dentist Pediatric - Green Bay WI
Dentist - Johnstown PA
Dentist - Greensburg PA
Dentist - Shreveport La. - 100% FFS - High Earnings 
Dentist - Lake Charles La.  - 100% FFS - High Earnings 
Dentist - Monroe La. - 100% FFS - High Earnings 
Dentist - Carencro La. - 100% FFS - High Earnings 
Dentist - Slidell La. - 100% FFS - High Earnings 

A.J. Riggins Health Search places healthcare providers. All fees are paid by the client (hiring practice).

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